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Forget Jeff’s HVAC – rely on 3 Stages Construction! We have 50+ years experience for providing HVAC diagnostic and repair services. Plus, we’re fully licensed and insured in HVAC repair and service for any problems you have. We’re here and ready to be your partner in HVAC needs in the Athens, Alabama area.

We’re like EMTs for your HVAC installation & repair! If your HVAC system has problems making it in need of repair & service, give us a call. Being insured and well skilled in HVAC repair, your air flow will always be the perfect temperature.

As a company insured and well trained in HVAC repair, your repair and maintenance worries are over. We can do a complete replacement, or when repair is necessary correctly do HVAC repair on the broken components. If repair is needed, we’ll be there. Ready for reliable HVAC repair? Call now: (888) 317-5228

What Is HVAC Repair?

The letters in HVAC stand for heating, ventilation, and air conditioning. Being able to fix your HVAC system is contingent on the gravity of repairs needed. With the cost of HVAC repair going up as problems increase, it may be better to buy a new brand name in HVAC systems. There are many variations of HVAC to choose from!

Doing the basics of HVAC system maintenance is like lube for your HVAC. Having us do this is also fantastic for troubleshooting HVAC problems. There are many considerations for your HVAC system when it’s in need of repair. If you’re interested in HVAC repair or replacement, give us a call!

Bad repairs limit the functioning of your HVAC. A maintenance visit for your HVAC at enertia HVAC means a complete cleaning of your HVAC, allowing it to work properly. Many people recommend us to friends for their whole house HVAC servicing!

Specializing in HVAC repair means our services aren’t contingent on the severity of repairs demanded. With leaders in the industry of course, your model of HVAC does not matter. A full-service HVAC and refrigeration company like us can fix it all with our HVAC service.

Need HVAC repair services? Call & get only the best technicians for air conditioner repair and furnace help. We also should be able to repair your unit in hours! But why repair? When performing a repair, it greatly reduces your costs over buying a new HVAC system.

Our experts spot any need for repair before it happens. Call today at (888) 317-5228 if you need to repair your HVAC system. Our standards for HVAC is unmatched, and we perform any kind of repair!


As a full-service HVAC and refrigeration company, we're top rated in HVAC repair. Call for same day help!


Call & get a free estimate from our local HVAC contractors available for emergency HVAC repairs.


As a reliable and trusted provider of HVAC repairs and service, we're the best solution for HVAC repair. Call today!

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Looking for 24 hour HVAC repair? We’ll take care of all of your HVAC repair needs. Our highly experienced technicians perform HVAC installation & repairs. Call our HVAC repair experts at (888) 317-5228 today!

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